Anus Kings

Anus Kings

"Days of Rain" 2014.

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01. Class War
02: Blackout Blues
03: I’ve Lost Control
04: I Just Wanna Get High
05: No Net Below
06: 365 Days of Rain
07: I Said No
08: Visiting Places
09: Gates of Hell
10: The Last One

Anus Kings is: Brian Rodriguez and Sydney Ward.

Recorded 05/26/2013 by Mark Rusch in Lincoln Heights.
Mixed by Mark Rusch.
Cover Art by Nino Mora.

Brian : Bass on All Tracks. Bass and Vocals on Track 3.
Sunny: Guitar and Vocals on All Tracks.

All Tracks played Live Except Track 5, which has 2 electric guitar overdubs by Sunny and Body Precussion played by Brian, Sunny and Mark.

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